My Jounery Back Into Woodworking

Last Project Built

There was a time in the past I was involved in woodworking to the point I lived to get in my basement workshop. When the time came for my first big tool purchase, I purchased a Delta contractor saw at a lumberyard at a father’s day sale. I used that saw for everything, even used it to straighten boards. Then I slowly started to purchase other tools for my basement shop, joiner, planner, drill press, router, and sander. At this time I felt I had all the tools to build just about anything. I would be in the shop every chance I could, building pieces of furniture or fixtures I had seen in wood magazines. I had built bed side tables, bookcase, entertainment center and other misc. small projects.
At this time I started a new job 16 years ago, which is my current employer. This mold shop was busy, we we’re able to work an unlimited amount of hours a week we wanted. I was putting in 60 plus hours a week, by the weekend I was beat, to tired to do any woodworking, so my interest in the hobby started to die.
Back in 2001 I became very in involved in cycling, I was mountain biking and road riding every weekend and any time in between. I found this sport to be very exciting and stress relieving from the day to day tasks in life.
In 2005 my full-time job started to slow down, manufacturing was shifting to over seas. I found myself to have more free time, started to do more home improvements around the house and started to get that good feeling I use to get when woodworking.
About three to four years ago I joined the local woodworking club, but the local club was just not sparking that interest I once had for the craft. I would go to the club meetings and I felt like an outsider, no one would talk to you, it was more of a place for the old guys to come and get out of the house. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the elderly. I felt I didn’t belong there.
Still having an interest in woodworking, a coworker at the time asked me if I ever heard of the Wood Whisperer. I came home from work that evening and looked it up, I was amazed that there was a younger group of people still interested in this hobby. I would watch one of his videos very night and just browse through his site, I felt good knowing there were younger people still involved in woodworking.
This opened a world that I never knew was out there. I then came to discover Matt’s Basement Workshop, really enjoined his podcasts and their Wood Talk Online. I found a place where woodworking was fun and entertaining. Since then I have joined the Wood Whisperer Guild and discovered a whole new community of talented woodworkers out there, men and women that are so good at woodworking that I’m always learning and in complete awe of the work they put out there along with their will to give a helping hand.

Thank you Marc and Matt for getting me interested in woodworking once again.

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