Cutting Boards

This morning I got down into the shop early. I needed to get a good amount of work done on the projects I’m working on, some cutting boards. A couple regular cutting boards and a couple end grain style cutting boards. Everything was going good, until the final glue up.
Both cutting boards bowed to the point I had to resurface them with a router to flatten them out.
I had to build a jig to make all this happen, so off to big box stores, but they didn’t have the 4mm screws I needed. They had something that I could make work but not what I was looking for.
Then I thought what about the hardware store in the ghetto? Low and behold they had what I needed and more. Now I know where to go for screws in the future. All this running around put a damper on my day.
I got home and started on my router jig to mill the boards flat. I spent about a half hour on this jig and finished it up. I started on the first board and got some major tear out on the board so I decided to belt sand them to get them flat. Spent two more hours and not any better, still bowed. So back to the router jig, but this time I put a backer board up against the cutting board end to prevent tear out, and it worked.
Only if I would have thought of that earlier it could have saved me a lot of wasted time. But when I think about it, it’s not wasted time if I have learned something.









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