Hand Tools with Jeff Miller

The past two Saturdays I’ve taken classes with Jeff Miller in his shop in the city. The classes covered hand tools, the first class covered how to sharpen planes and chisels and how to maintain and care for them.
We learned the benefits of having the backs of the irons and chisel dead flat. We also learned the importance of a micro bevel on the front of the blade.
In the second class we had to preform a number tasks with hand planes, chisels, spokeshaves, and scrapers.
With the chisels we had to square up a round hole. Then chisel a square hole to fit a plug in it with the plug fit in the hole use the chisel to taper the top of the plug on four sides. Then we had to true up a dado with a chisel and have the walls straight and square.
Then came the hand planes, we had to square up a board, plane the side of the board while it is placed on its edge and not clamped down. Then we had to plane curved boards and angled stepped boards. The last step was to flatten a glued up panel and scrap it to a finish.
I feel I’ve came out of the two classes with much more understanding on hand tools, now I just have to practice them a lot to be able to perfect what I’ve learned.

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