Day two of hand plane making with Jeff Miller

I started day two with the plane needing shaping and squaring up, I thought.
After laying the basic shape out on the plane I went over to the bandsaw and roughed it out.
The shaping of the plane took some time. Jeff let me use his spoke shaves which really speed up the process. After I felt it was close to the shape I was going for, I decided to put the blade and chip breaker in and try it out. At this time Jeff and I noticed that there was an 1/8″ gap in the mouth.
Jeff suggested we rout a small section out and make a patch for that area to tighten up the mouth.
We used his multi-router for this and it worked great. We made a piece to fit in the area and glued it in. After the glue dried, Jeff went back to the multi-router and flushed it up. After a little sanding of the bottom, I put the blade back in and a few taps to get the blade set, it made a swoosh sound and paper thin shaving. It was a success!





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